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"Just wanted to let you know, I did get the job in Washington.The resume is wonderful, and everyone was very impressed. It worked! Thanks."
- Kimrey from Washington
"My wife, who is VP of Human Resources for [ABC Bank], was so impressed with the format and wordsmithing (she has read literally thousands of resumes) that she would like you to restructure hers."
- Boris from United Kingdom
"Your service is wonderful! great thanks"
- Kevi from AUS
"I wish I had this when I graduated from college. What a great resume you've created!"
- Nick from NY
"At my most recent interview, the HR manager complimented me on my resume! but said I need some more experience..."
- Devid Carla from CA
"My son and daughter both use your service! I wish their career counselor knew about this!"
- Mrs. Jennifer from US
"Thanks for convincing me that you were the person to redesign my resume and cover letter. As a product development professional, I know quality is the #1 criteria. You're very talented. Again, thanks."
- Russell from CA
"Hi Nitni: Thank you again for the wonderful resume. I got a job offer today and accepted. It's for a Chief Financial Officer position in an industrial outfit. The salary is $110,000. It was your resume that did it. thanks again."
- Mark from NJ
I am extremely pleased with the cover letter and resume you produced for me. I have a very complex multi-faceted background that you were able to consolidate into a concise and very effective salable presentation of my skills. The documents you produced were far better than my originals and I feel were more than worth the price I paid for them. It was a pleasure working with you and I will be recommending you to my friends and associates.
- Smith from Texas
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