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Welcome to Panacea's, have the answers for how to create a Professional resume in minutes

Panacea's offer the most professional and most advanced online resume builder and online resume design application that will help you to create a professional attention grabbing resume in few minutes. You just have to follow our easy to use self guided wizard through each step and Panacea's will build a professional Resume for you. You can also come back any time to make changes to your resume.

Panacea's provides you various formats of resumes to choose from so that your resume stands out among the competition. Using Panacea's is very simply you just have to enter all your information, you can preview your resume in various available formats and select any of the resume format you like. Finally you will get a best resume which helps to you grab employers attention and get your dream job.

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Our New Resume Features -
(NEW) You can add your photograph to your resume to make it look more professional and impressive.
(NEW) Panacea's comes with more than 53 Professional resume templates for you to choose from.
(NEW) You can update the resume font, resume font style and layout.
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FREE Professional Resume maker Benefits and Features
  • Login and keep your resume up to date.
  • Advice and examples to guide you through the process.
  • Receive your resume via email in a Microsoft Word Document.
  • Easy to use, finished result in minutes.
  • Resume designed by a executive resume writer.
  • Print your Resume, Cover Letter and References.
  • Intelligent spell checking
  • Secure and private
  • 24 hours support
  • Print directly from the web
  • Packed full of examples, phrases, and action words to use
  • Choice of professional designs templats
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We have created more than 30,000 resumes online and are still helping users to create a better resume online.

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"Just wanted to let you know, I did get the job in Washington.The resume is wonderful, and everyone was very impressed. It worked! Thanks."
                    - Kimrey from Washington
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Tips and Tricks of Great Resumes

How NOT to Write a Resume

You can learn a lot about how to do something right by first learning what NOT to do.
Take resumes, for example. I review about 200-300 a month, and most have at least 2-3 mistakes. Yet, all those hundreds of mistakes can be grouped into just a handful of categories, which you would do well to avoid. Read on and learn how to write a better resume by avoiding the mistakes of others, some of them unintentionally hilarious ...

Mistake #1: "Golden Retriever Syndrome"

Never talk about yourself in terms that could also describe a hunting dog, like the following language, which appears in far too many resumes I see: "Hard-working, self-motivated and dependable individual." Tired phrases like that mean nothing to employers, because they could apply to almost anyone ... or almost anyone's dog. Instead, dump the empty assertions and back up the claims in your resume with facts, like this: "Proven sales skills. Ranked in top 3 among 78 reps for 5 straight years, exceeding sales quotas for 18 of 20 quarters." See the difference?

Mistake #2: A Verbal Jungle

To improve your resume (or anything you write), read it out loud. Since writing is just words on paper, reading it aloud will help you write as you would speak. Here's an example of language so dense, you'll need a machete to find any meaning: "Directed assembly of elements from business units in engineering, development, program management, distribution, and legal to effect market research, proposal responses, and contract management into comprehensive, virtual, successful teams ..." After reading that three times, I'm still baffled. Worse, do you think employers have time to read a resume three times to figure it out? No. As a result, that job seeker is still looking for work, I'll wager. Solution: read your resume out loud before sending it out. If you find yourself gasping for breath halfway through a sentence, stick a period or dash in there and break it in two. And if anything you write sounds less than 100% clear when you read it aloud, revise until it would make sense to your mother. Doing so will ensure that your resume resonates with readers at all levels, from HR managers to your future boss.

Great Cover Letter

Resume cover letters ought to matter to employers. Resume cover letters are reviewed first by the potential employer who is looking for reasons in the resume cover letter and resume to rule out the application.

As an employer, you are also seeking the resume and resume cover letter that describe the candidate who will best fill your position. A thoughtful resume cover letter tells you that the candidate took the time to customize his application to fit your needs. Perhaps the applicant with a superior resume cover letter, will make a superior employee.

A well-written, carefully typed, error-free resume cover letter should immediately set the application apart from the average application you receive. Take a look at my earlier article, Why Resume Cover Letter Should Matter to Employee. This resume cover letter is among the better application letters I have received recently. I will review with you why I found this resume cover letter so powerful.

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